Skull of Positive Affirmation

So, the manner in which one uses this, is as follows.

Starting at the top, you read aloud the text scribed into the skull, rotating the skull clockwise as you read. 28 full rotations later, you have read the incantation. The action in time of your reading whilst turning this skull, literally screws your incantation into space/time. The purpose of this exercise, is to help you to feel good about yourself. Because you are amazing, fantastic. Everybody knows it. I know it, and you know it. BELIEVE IT!

Positive Affirmation Skull

Positive Affirmation 2

Positive Affirmation 3

… just believe in yourself.

Terra Cotta

Slip cast in Terra Cotta – not press-molded. Press-molded skull is 5X heavier casting, thick solid and weighty with ample material for additional sculpting in of detail after casting. Slip cast ceramic is thin. As with all skulls the mold is cast from an original plastilina sculpture of mine. Coming up soon – giant skulls (current fired size is about 7 1/2″ in height).

terra cotta

Chickadee and Titmouse enjoy early dinner

Here a Chickadee visits my sunflower seed-stuffed feeder, along with a friendly Tufted Titmouse. Though the Tufted Titmouse is curious, patient and observant, I find the Chickadee to be the more cerebral of the two. Though most of these two species are happy to plod along with the rest, there are a few, who seem to be seeing through… I’ve got my eye, on them.



This Downy Woodpecker discovers that lunch at my Chickadee feeder presents a perplexing challenge.